Work/Study Program

June 18 to September 30, 2017

Yangshuo, China


General description

The Work/Study Program (WSP) is a fabulous opportunity to integrate Qi Gong and Meditation in one’s life but also is a serious commitment into daily training and in the realization of pre-agreed projects for a whole 100 days. It addresses people interested in Self-Healing and/or in working in the field of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong.
At the moment, the minimum commitment is 100 days (around 15 weeks), a time that can be extended according to the projects we can develop or maintain with the participant.

How does the Study and the Work combines in a week?

This 100-day program consists of 4-hour of teaching/training daily (5 days a week), of 4 hours of work on the agreed projects or tasks daily (5 days a week), an hour long meeting daily during which we check in with all the members and clarify the focus of the work for that day, an average of 3 hours weekly on community tasks within the center and the responsibility to hold space for the evening meditations that are open to the general public which can represent an hour or two weekly according to the number of WSP participants involved in the rotating schedule. Weekends are free at the exception of the requirement to maintain 2 hours of meditation practice for the whole 100 days, and for the community tasks. Note that the hours of community tasks are shared with all the trainees and are on a rotating schedule so it only happens occasionally that a trainee must be present for a 3-hour period during a weekend.

The practices taught during the program are taken from our Self-Healing Essentials and include theory and talks on Chinese Medicine and Self-Mastery, Stillness and Healing Meditation, and Internal and External Forms of Qi Gong. (See the previous WSP training schedule below)

What do we provide besides the training?

The trainee that is accepted in the program will be offered without charge, a shared accommodation in a dormitory and 3 vegetarian meals a day during the whole program. Participants who would prefer to have a private room can mention at the moment of the application and we will determine the supplement that will need to be paid.

Refundable deposit required!

Note that the program is free only for the ones who complete the whole 100 days of work and study. On arrival, a deposit of $US 2000 ($20 x 100 days) will be asked to all the trainees. This amount will be given back entirely to the trainee who completed the program on the last day of the program. For the ones who drop out, a minimum charge of $US 500 will be retained if the stay is under 25 days and for the ones who will have stayed for more than 25 days, it will be calculated on a $US 20 / day base and the difference will be given back. We ask you to understand that to organize the program it requires energy, to prepare the projects with each one of you also, and to have projects that are left undone represent a considerable loss for our center. This is why we ask for a deposit now. This way we also want to attract the people really interested in learning and in training seriously and avoid travelers who simply look for a cheap way to move forward. Our program has been tested and is highly beneficial to the ones who persevere. Many testimonies from past trainees can be found on our blog, if you wish to read some feedback about the WSP.

Privilege option for the Self-Healing Essentials Retreat

The WSP is immediately followed by the Self-Healing Essential Empowerment Program (S.H.E.E.P.) which is a 6-week retreat preceded by a 2-week detox period (total 8 weeks). The ones who have completed the WSP, as a privilege, the option to join the whole retreat for the price of their $US 2000 deposit will be open to them.

Working Projects Options

Have a look at the WORKING PROJECTS OPTIONS and if you’re interested in joining, send us an email stating your motivations and the type of projects you would like to contribute with your skills. If you can’t find any projects for which you could qualify but that you would like to propose a project, you can also contact us. For personal project proposals, first write us an email describing your idea and intention and we will contact you.

Our Center is based in the scenic area of Yangshuo where we also host most of our retreats.

… And we are hoping to welcome you soon.

Send us your letter at:



This year the following projects will be prioritized:

Cuisine (available for qualified chef)

  • new vegetarian, vegan, raw food dishes
  • detox menu
  • desserts, ice creams
  • drinks & desserts menu
  • Dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces, & spreads

Natural Building Architecture



  • Designing a training for staff (customer services)

Branding & Marketing

  • Local promotion of the center
  • Launching of Power bars and various products on the market
  • Creation of promotional items
  • Detox Center

Graphic design

  • Menu
  • Promotional items designs
  • Pamphlet on “How to integrate superfood in regular diet and recipes”
  • Powerpoints

Permaculture design

  • Creation of a Sprout house
  • Resto & roof-top gardens
  • Composting

Journaling & Communication

  • newsletter
  • documenting every activities of the center (photos, texts for blogs, Facebook, website

Video Production

  • Creation of instructional videos

Book Production

  • Nutritional Healing resource


  • Maintenance of our gardens
  • Creation of a sprout house
  • Creation of a Solar Dehydrating system