Building up!

GroupRubble3The building we have come to call home still bears the original name “Om Yoga Center,” but big changes are in the works! In fact, this text is ┬áborn to the sounds of a massive renovation effort. Very soon, the sign out front will read “Xingfu Li Zhiliao Zhongxin,” or “Inner Happiness Healing Center” in English, and what was once a modest yoga studio will be transformed into a complete wellness center offering qigong and yoga classes, detox services and much, much more.

In addition, the center will be home to Mood Food Energy Cafe which will offer an exclusive menu based around the Wandering Dao philosophy: “Healing simply happens through healthy lifestyle choices.” As its owner Daniel Li Ox says, “[These choices] imply your emotional and mental habits, proper exercise and proper nutrition. And we’ll embody them all in our centre!”

The buzz is already circulating around town, and the excitement is building with healthy meals, raw food options, and superfoods being rather unexplored territory here in the otherwise visitor-friendly Yangshuo.

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