Food Wizardry & Superhero Fruit Salad

Breakfast gives us a physical boost in the morning and is the key to bring focus and the ability to problem-solve throughout the day. Science has provided evidence that without breakfast we are more vulnerable to cravings and less likely to make healthy choices throughout the day. Aside from this dry health-magazine talk, we here at Wandering Dao have all found that what makes our breakfast special is the way we look forward to it every day. What’s interesting, is that this anticipation can’t possibly only be due to the quality or flavor of the food, since we actually prepare and eat pretty much the same stuff every day! What is unique, however, is that we prepare the meal as a community and enjoy it together. This experience can be magical; it makes our morning fruit salad even more delicious too!

When preparing our breakfast, we work together with a flow and try to maintain an intention of always seeking to improve our lives and the life of our small community through proper morning nutrition. In this way, we never tire of having the same meal every day, and the routine of having breakfast has become a daily ritual that helps to build community, friendship, and compassion. Since eating is something that most people make a routine of already, it is a natural place to start developing a ritual. And since breakfast is the first meal of the day, we’ve found it to be the perfect time to set an intention that can then be carried on to our work, training, and all other daily activities as well!


 Superhero Fruit Salad

Fruit bowl



Seasonal fruits (we play around with papaya, apple, mango, banana, dragonfruit, pineapple, watermelon, etc.), raw cacao(ground or whole), chia seeds,raisins, goji berries, maca root powder, coconut flakes, honey, peanut butter, coconut oil, yogurtor vegan yogurt (we’ve been experimenting with oat yogurt and are quite pleased with the results! You can find a recipe to make your own here)

How to Enjoy:

Put any combination of these ingredients in a bowl and mix. Feel free to play around and experiment with different quantities and combinations. Or add your own favorite superfoods. Enjoy!

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