Metal room 1The center has just four simple but comfortable rooms. During our retreats, after our rooms have been filled we partner with our immediate neighbors who run guesthouses to complement our needs. Each of our rooms have their personal bathroom, shower, A/C, shelves, and a study-desk. During a Detox program, we also add a colonic irrigation board and other detox equipments to the rooms. Our retreat guests can choose to share or to have their private rooms. It is recommended to book in advance if one wishes to have a private accommodation on the center’s site as we only have a few. Prices vary according to the length of the stay or if it is part of a program.


Meeting Room 1TEA & MEDIA ROOM

All our guests have access to a private tea and media room where it is possible to read, screen educational videos, while sipping delicious Chinese Teas.





Training Studio 1 Training Studio 3.1TRAINING STUDIO

Our training studio is modest but is a very pleasant place to practice. It can accommodate around 12 to 14 trainees according to the nature of the practice.



We are located in the midst of the Karst Mountain of the Yangshuo area and just next to the Li River. As much as possible we use various stunning training locations. (PHOTOS WILL COME SOON)


2013-10-20 14.43.05COMMUNITY SPACE

During retreats, the dinning hall plays various functions. It is of course the place we eat but also a place we sit, share, and screen films.