Introducing WSP 2015 participant Amy

Introducing WSP 2015 participant Amy

1.) Would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Amy, I’m 27 and from the UK. I have spent a lot of the last 5 or so years in China, working, studying and travelling. I originally came to study Shaolin Kungfu, first at an academy in Shandong province, and then later at Shaolin temple. But as I started to explore Chinese martial arts more, I found myself being pulled towards the internal styles, and then later to Qigong.

2.) Why did you decide to join the WSP programme?

Because it’s an amazing opportunity. Having the chance to spend 3 months focusing on different Qigong and Daoist practices, as well as getting involved in the different projects going on here is really special. And then there’s the place… Yangshuo is beautiful. And the food is great. Oh, and we will also have the S.H.E.E.P retreat at the end of the program. There’s a lot to like!

3.) What project(s) are you involved with at Wandering Dao?

I am involved with communication, blogging and social media. So there’s a lot of writing… it’s cool because I get to collaborate with all the different projects, everything going on in the centre and in the restaurant too. And then tell everyone out there about it!

4.) What have been the biggest challenges you have encountered with the project(s)?

So far, just technical stuff. I’m not that computer savvy, so learning about things like how to make hyperlinks in blogs have probably been giving me the most grief!

5.)How are you finding the training side of the programme?

It’s all still very fresh and new, we only started training this week. But I can already feel a difference in my body and mind. Just the 2 hours meditation we are doing everyday has had a big effect. I feel like my breath is nourishing my body more. I feel lighter, more awake.

6.) What has been your favourite part of the programme so far?

Probably the feeling of community that we are creating here. The WSP participants have come from all over the globe this year… The US, Australia,, Mexico, Serbia and the UK. But we’re all here in Yangshuo and we’re all learning, working, eating and living together. It’s quite special.

7.) Have you learnt any new practices that you particularly enjoyed?

We have recently learnt a breathing exercise that is great. It really feels like it cleanses the body and is a great way to prepare for meditation. And today, during Zhan Zhuang training we did a new exercise to help open up the spine and create space between the vertebra. It really helped bring awareness to every part of the spine, and felt amazing.

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