Introducing WSP participant José

Introducing WSP participant José

1.) Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is José, I’m from Mexico, and I’ve been living in China for almost 4 years. I live here in Yangshuo, where I teach outdoor education. I am very passionate about outdoor sports, especially rock climbing. And I’m also interested in Health and Wellbeing, so I’m always excited to learn more about balancing sports, nutrition and spiritual health.

2.) Why did you decide to join the WSP programme?

Well, I have been practicing a little Qigong and Daoism at Wandering Dao over the past year. I first met Daniel last October on a holiday trip to Yangshuo. I was very inspired by the practice and also Yangshuo itself, so after finishing my previous job contract last December, I decided to come back to Yangshuo to continue my Chinese language studies. After that, a series of opportunities started to unfold. The first was finding work in the outdoor education industry, which is something that I really like and enjoy doing. The second was a that, by coincidence the Work/Study Program was starting on my summer break. I was really interested in the projects Daniel had in mind, and I saw it as a good opportunity to keep practicing what I had already learnt from him. At the same time as I was having these thoughts, Daniel actually wrote me a an email inviting me to jo
in the program! So it was like it was meant to be. One of the things I have learnt from this holistic lifestyle is to learn how to follow the signs, the opportunities that emerge in life. So I took this meaningful coincidence as a direction and joined up.

3.) What project(s) are you involved with at Wandering Dao?

As I am only here on my summer break from work, and my time is limited, I will only be part of the Work/Study Program for one month. So I will be working on very specific projects, such as creating a marketing campaign for the Mood Food Energy Cafe through Wechat (a Chinese social network). I am also researching a launching strategy for the Mood Food App being developed. And finally, I am assisting the other students with any problems they might have here in Yangshuo. I have lived here a while now, so I can help with any difficulties that may arise.

4.) What have been the biggest challenges you have encountered with the project(s)?

Actually there haven’t been any big challenges, just a few small details that have been a little frustrating. For example, the internet. We are in China, so sometimes it just doesn’t work that well. But there has been nothing that couldn’t be solved easily and with a little patience.

5.)How are you finding the training side of the program?

I think it’s very well organised. Every day we focus on a different element which integrates a different holistic technique into the program. The program is designed to have at least half a day of training and lectures. I believe that is important to grasp the basic knowledge and foundations of Qi Gong and Daoist practices, because it really takes years to master them. But usually we live in an environment thatjose profile doesn’t allow this kind of training, so you really don’t get the chance to go deep into the essence of what needs to develop within your body. Our energy field is constantly absorbing information, so having only one hour of practice and then going
back to an everyday routine just breaks this process of absorption. These 100 days of training and focus, plus the S.H.E.E.P retreat at the end of the program can really make a positive impact to your life.

6.) What has been your favourite part of the program so far?

The fact that the more I train, the more motivated I feel about it. And also, as I have been practising alone for the last few months, I’ve realised that I’ve been doing a few movements wrong. So I find it very beneficial to be in a environment where I can to identify my mistakes, practise with others and improve them in a way that means I won’t forget them again.

7.) Have you learnt any new practices that you particularly enjoyed?

A lot of the practices I have done before, but I have by no means mastered them! So I really enjoy seeing improvements, specifically in my flexibility, balance and mind control.

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