Meet Ann!

Meet Ann!


Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Ann, I’m from Guangdong province and I live in Yangshuo. Before I moved here, I went to college in Guilin for 3 years, where I studied to be a Chinese tour guide.

How long have you been working at Wandering Dao?

About 10 months

What is your role at Wandering Dao?

You know there is a lot going on here, so my work has many parts. I meet the customers, I work in the hotel, I serve food. I also book clients in for massages and classes. There’s a lot of variety.

Do you enjoy it?

Yeah! I love this work. It’s not just like, it’s love! The people are so friendly, they are like my family.  And the atmosphere is happy and relaxed.

What is your favourite thing about working here?

When the customer tells me that they really like their meal, or this place, I feel so happy. Appreciated. Sometimes I check our restaurant on Trip Advisor. When there is a good review, it makes me smile and I know I’ve done a good job.

Can you tell us your favourite dish on the menu?

For me, um, there’s so many! It will probably be the Mood Food Power Smoothie, and the Pizza Mood and the different salads. Oh, and the desserts! Almond Cream, my god, so amazing!

Do you feel you have learnt more about health and nutrition through working here?

Yeah, after I began working here, I really started to enjoy this healthy lifestyle. My body feels more relaxed now, and there is a kindness there too, which I didn’t have before. So even when the days are busy, I don’t feel tired or crazy. I feel calm. I care about healthy food more now than before. I am making much healthier choices in my diet and lifestyle.

What is Yangshuo like?

I love the air here, it’s fresh! And the environment makes me feel relaxed, there’s no pressure. Everybody slows down here. I don’t think there is anywhere else like Yangshuo. It may just be a small town, but it’s very international. People come from all over the world, and I like that.

What’s do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like to see my friends, and just go to the supermarket, buy food and cook together. Share my day with them. Talk about all the interesting things that have happened.  And sometimes I will go around the Li River, it’s beautiful round there.