Mood Food Power Smoothie

Mood Food Power Smoothie

One of the most popular items with WSP participants on the Mood Food menu is the Mood Food Power Smoothie, a delicious, nutritious meal in a cup! “You actually get all the nutrients you need for the day from this smoothie” says Master Daniel Li Ox. It’s really an energising way to start your day, jam packed with superfoods, fruits and other goodies such as…

Bee Pollen
The Greeks and Romans gave Bee Pollen the name ‘Life giving dust’… and they knew what they were talking about. It contains almost all the nutrients needed by the human body, and is a great energy enhancer. It is very soothing for the skin and is often used to treat inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. At 40% protein, the free amino acids within Bee Pollen also help protect the skin and aid the regeneration of cells within the body.
Chia Seeds
Chia contains twice the amount of potassium as a banana, and 3-times as much as spinach, meaning it’s great for the heart. It is also high in fibre, aiding digestion, and contains many of the trace minerals lacking in the modern diet. Reports suggest it may also help weight loss, by slowing the speed our bodies break down carbohydrates and helping stabilise blood sugar levels.
Grown in the mountains of Peru, Maca has long been valued for its energising and life-enhancing qualities. It is well known for promoting sexual functions, increasing libido, stabilising hormones and increasing fertility. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, Maca is great for your overall health, and is also often used by athletes to increase endurance and energy levels.
Almond Milk
Unlike many milk alternatives, Almond Milk only contains 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving, which have a very limited effect on our blood sugar levels. This means our bodies can fully digest them and use them as energy, rather than storing them as fat.
A serving of Almond Milk also contains about 30% of our recommended daily value of calcium, and 25% of Vitamin D. These nutrients work together to strengthen our bones.
Raw Cacao
The nutrient density of Cacao is amazing. It benefits every function of the body, and is the highest source of magnesium (the most deficient nutrient in the average human) and chromium of any food. Magnesium helps to increase flexibility and muscle relaxation, is good for your heart and helps bone strength. It is also very alkalising, and aids detoxification. Chromium is great at maintaining blood sugar levels, an big issue in today’s world.

Unfortunately you can’t all be here to try a Mood Food Power Smoothie for yourself (although if you are in the Yangshuo area, feel free to pop by and grab a cup), so why not make one for yourself….

The Recipe

Makes 400ml cup

200ml Nut milk (Almond, Cashew, Walnut) you can also use rice or soy milk if you   wish
60ml Yoghurt (Both natural and coconut are fine)
1 Banana
1/4 cup Papaya
8 Strawberries (or other berries)
1dsp Peanut Butter or tahini
1tsp Bee Pollen
1tsp Chia Seeds
1tsp Maca
1tsp Raw Honey
1-2tbsp Cacao
Ice cubes if desired

Chop the fruit into the blender. Add the milk, yoghurt and other ingredients. Blitz and enjoy.

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