Nils Loves Superfoods!

Nils bioImmediately upon entering the Work/Study program at Wandering Dao, Nils was introduced to superfoods – e.g. chia seeds, raw cacao, maca powder, etc. The bond was instant, and it is clear to everyone that Nils and superfoods were made for each other. “I feel much more energy starting the day. I have more sunshine in my mind. My mind is more light, thinking is more in focus. I can use it for my work…” Nils reflects. In addition to superfoods, Nils also takes the prize for the one among us who pays the most attention to his nutrition. He is always experimenting with new recipes and ideas.

However, we rarely see Nils enjoying his meals as he usually prefers to eat in private. “For me, eating my food is my favorite meditation of the day,” he reflects. “I need to feel; I want to enjoy the different perceptions of the tastes. It helps the digestion. When you are aware when you’re eating, then you are sending information to your digestive system and it produces more enzymes. Being aware allows me to get the most benefit of the nutrition in my food.” Whether eating “superfoods” or “normal foods,” putting that much intention into the process of eating will make any meal a super meal!

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