Our experience of WSP 2015

Our experience of WSP 2015

For the past five months we have been working, eating, breathing & living the ‘Wandering Dao’ lifestyle here in Yangshuo. Over this time we have learnt and integrated many wonderful Qi-gong practices, Daoist meditation techniques, substantially improved our understanding of detoxifying the body, embraced and shared within a communal environment and felt the joy of having contributed. Minds, bodies and hearts expanded we now leave Yangshuo knowing deep gratitude.

As part of the wandering dao work study program, for three and a half months our daily life consisted of two hours of meditation, two hours of Qi-Gong, four hours working on a nutritional healing resource aimed at raising awareness, drinking copious amounts of tea in the company of friendly souls and eating delicious wholesome vegetarian dishes prepared by the wonderful staff at Mood Food Cafe. This is by no means to say the experience was a leisurely stroll through the park. The days were often long and as many know communal life and undertaking a strong spiritual practice includes many bumps, dips, turns and shakes. It was not the place for hiding feelings behind a smile and brushing problems under the carpet.

Luckily for us we had a wonderful teacher to help guide us through this process. Throughout the work study program Daniel delivered timely teachings and helped us develop and refine many wonderful tools to directly face our inner & outer discomforts. As Daniel often quoted “Make space for pain and wisdom will grow.” The little intensified bubble of the work/study program provided the perfect laboratory … as the people, emotions and feelings came and went a deeper knowing, gratitude and recognition grew.

Following the work study program was the six week ‘Self Healing Essentials’ retreat consisting of the ‘Dao of Rejuvenation’ (fasting), ‘Mind Control’ (meditation) and ‘Immunity and Strength’ (Qi Gong). During this six weeks Daniel skilfully laid bare the foundations of Daoist healing. His classes were full of wisdom, humour and many pertinent personal stories and anecdotes.

During the past five months we have made lifelong friendships, discovered fertile horizons to explore and now know everything we ever needed was in our garden all along. We whole heartedly recommend Wandering Dao’s ‘Self Healing Essentials’ Retreat and work study program to the serious applicant. We can’t wait to come back next year!

Our deepest gratitude,
No Mi & Dawa