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Jun 18 – Sep 30, 2017

The 100-Day Retreat aims to offer the opportunity to the participants to have a consistent teaching and support to ease the integration of the practices in one’s lifestyle and also to witness the effect of a sustained training in one’s holistic health.

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The core training schedule of the 100-Day retreat program is the same as the Work-Study Program (WSP) hence 4 hours a day except that there is no work involved but a fee. (See schedule below)

During the free hours the participant have the option to join our Bodywork Retreats (Shiatsu, Qi Nei Zang, and Karsai Nei Zang).

The participant to this training can choose a shared accommodation, which is included in the listed price, or a private room that implies an extra cost. As a few options are available, in this case it is preferable to organize that part with one of our staff member.

Three vegetarian meals a day are provided throughout the 100 days.

This is the WSP schedule. It applies for the 100-day retreat but without the “work period”.



Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo is popular among tourists for its karst peaks, rivers, caves, and temples as well as its laid back cafes and bars. As such, the city is visited by a large number of Chinese tourists and foreigners alike, and has a relatively big ex-pats community.

Yangshuo is now a relatively large tourist town, different from most typical Chinese towns. It is relatively air and noise pollution free, (provided you get away from major roadways), very clean and does not usually suffer from endless massive traffic chaos. Instead, it harbours wonderful restaurants and shops, an almost unlimited number of hotels and hostels, and is fairly developed by mainland Chinese standards. Yangshuo is well-known amongst travellers in Southern China, and is a major stop on the trail of many independent travellers. The main reason people stop in the town is to explore the local countryside by bike, try their hand on the world class rock-climbing sites or take a bamboo raft down the river, viewing the famous ¥20 scene in the process.

Source: Wikitravel


100 Days of Bodyworks & 100 Day Retreat

$5,925/100 Days
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