An insight into the Wandering Dao work/study program from one of our students….

In the West we have a saying ‘Time is Money’ but in Asia time is more like the rhythm of the waves, the ebb and flow of hourly, daily, annual and historical cycles. Today we spent our four hour “work” period swimming at Secret Beach and drip drying in the warm sun. Not to imply any lack of structure or discipline in the WSP as that would be far from the truth, but to emphasise the importance placed on listening to our “true rhythm”.

I have found that being in true rhythm is when the quality that governs the rhythm comes from the essence of who we really are. Everything you go through brings you a deeper living experience and lessons towards your evolution. Being a part of the WSP has strengthened my honouring of each reflection as an opportunity to heal, grow and transform continuously.

The art of ritual is intertwined in everything we do. We are learning to meditate not only during the 2 hours a day allocated for sitting meditation, or the hour of standing meditation … but in every step, in every breath, with every dish that we wash, and with every sip of the delectable Mood Food Power smoothie we devour for breakfast!

Individually and together we are tuning into our truth … living it, breathing it and beaming it.