Searching For The Diamond In The Rough

Worker-RoofThere is a misconception in the world about healing.        Our qigong and Daoist training has been teaching us that, ultimately, the only person who can heal you is yourself. What’s more, a crucial part of the healing process typically comes in the form of a surge – a healing crisis. This logic behind personal healing also seems to follow for the establishment of a healing center – in China anyway! We have each been feeling the crisis for Inner Happiness Wellness Center and Mood Food Cafe as renovation is now in full swing.

Our excitement over having a new kitchen, an exciting project to work on, and an amazing cafe to share healthy food with friends and strangers has been muted by the incessant screech of power tools, endless pounding of hammers, and an extensive accumulation of debris, dust and filth in nearly every corner of our sacred living space. We have already moved and re-moved our temporary kitchen twice so that many of our essential ingredients and tools have been buried or gone missing. Even the city of Yangshuo, itself, has fallen into sync with our process as the street in front of our home has been ripped open to be replaced with a brand new sidewalk. You actually have to be careful when stepping out of the gate in order to not fall into a chasm! I suspect that any outsider visiting the Inner Happiness Wellness Center, a place that will be touted as a nurturing abode for health and relaxation, at this time, wouldn’t last more than a few minutes before losing it completely and bolting for the door. Unfortunately for them, that path would also lead to the chasm!

Front Door Construction

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