The breath of happiness

The breath of happiness

“The breath is the greatest mean of anchoring the awareness within.”

– Master Daniel Li Ox


Such a simple thing, to breathe. We do it about 20,000 times a day, without even thinking. And yet everything we feel is reflected in respiration. Emotions, tensions, worries. They are all there.
To inhale is to take in all the messages, nourishment and energy the universe is providing at any given moment.
Breathe deep and embrace it.
To exhale is to give back to the universe, and let go of any tensions and toxins hiding inside the body.
Breathe deep and release.
Certain situations and emotions can lead us to restrain the breath. When sad, the inhalation increases and the exhalation is refrained. When angry, the inhalation is restricted and the exhale becomes much longer.
But the breathe of happiness is always full. There is a balance between the in and out breaths. Both are deep and complete.

When your awareness is closely following the breath, there you are, already fully immersed in the present moment.

Let the breath become an anchor. If the sea gets rough, and waves of emotions start to swell, come back to the simplicity of breathing. Re-balance the inhale and the exhale. Like the tide washing the shore.

When I inhale I embrace life.
When I exhale I give back to life.
Embrace and let go.
Inhale, exhale.

How are you breathing today?