The Wu Wei Whisper: A Journey Within the Haunted House

Daniel Li OxWeekly Insight by Master Daniel Li Ox

All along the eternal journey of the Soul, our consciousness encountered an infinite spectrum of experiences. At some point, the dualistic mind of the ego has taken the command and started to refuse some aspects of the natural unfolding of life. This conditional acceptance lies at the source of our contractions, which are holding fragments of the past.

Everything is energy. You and me, the weather, the things that surround you, a situation, or an event; absolutely everything is energy that hasĀ  manifested in various shapes. By being selective and refusing certain expressions of life itself, the creation of tensions blocks the natural movement of life and holds it trapped within our field. Theses unhealthy reactions, which are clumsy attempts to avoid feeling uncomfortable events, have created bubbles of stagnant energies within the tissues of our bodies. These bubbles hold memories of life inside, a kind of collection of disliked feelings.

Healing is about freeing our body-mind-spirit from the tensions and trapped energies that are keeping the ghosts of our most unpleasant experiences within our energy field. A healing journey is about turning our awareness inward in search of those retained energies so we can allow them to continue on their way through our body-mind-spirit, and out of our field. It doesn’t matter if the energy was trapped yesterday, during childhood or during a past embodiment, the intensity of the memories and feelings locked in that energy has been unaltered. No matter the terror, the sadness, or the physical pain that was there before, the healing will find all this untouched. Healing is like entering a haunted house where you can expect to find all those parcels of life you could not handle at one time. This time though, you will approach it with the understanding that the monster showing up is only on the surface of the bubble. By allowing the energy to move you are recovering the precious life force that has been given to you to serve your creative power, not to avoid it.

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