The Wu Wei Whisper: Art of Ritual

Daniel Li OxWeekly Insight by Master Daniel Li Ox

We’re born with the Divine gift of Creation. This gift is one that has come with a double-edged blade. The tricky part is that we cannot deactivate the power of that gift. We ARE the relentless creative power of the Universe. We ARE It! All human sensing, thought, speech, body movement, breathing rhythm, and mental images to name a few, are “shaping the Qi Field.” When living unconsciously, many of our behaviors and reactive outputs end up shaping our Qi Field in a way that is not necessarily aligned with the Oneness of the Universal Forces, and, in many cases, does not mirror the field we wish to see appearing before our eyes. We live in a world ruled by the Universal Law of Cause & Effect where every vibration we send out is reflected back.

In our modern age, Qi Gong has been put in the same category as other fitness systems. For many, Qi Gong is just another practice that offers a different set of tricks that promise to fix all human misery. In reality, Qi Gong is a higher form of practice thats offers methods that use ritualized body movements, breathing patterns, imagery, sounds, speech, and other actions related to the lifestyle, to harmoniously shape and raise the frequency of our energy field.

When I say “ritualized,” I mean associating moving, breathing, eating, speaking, relating, etc. with an intention. Intention implies consciousness; it is an action. Without consciousness it is a reaction. If not regulated in a healthy way there can be a risk of hazardous effects. As “ritual” implies consciousness, the action, whatever it is, over time begins to automatically trigger that same intention. Somehow, it is like reeducating and regulating the human tri-essence complex, the body-mind-spirit, with new habits that will generate a higher vibration reality.

Modern life has disconnected us from our rituals and, in consequence, has caused us to lose the consciousness of our Divine Power. Qi Gong is an ancient tradition that is deeply rooted in rituals. It teaches us to live consciously, and to give to each of our actions a conscious intention that is aligned with the whole Universe.

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