The Wu Wei Whisper: Losing Control

Daniel Li OxWeekly Insight By Master Daniel Li Ox

Losing control over your mental and emotional clinging. Ceasing to have opinions and make judgments about the life that is naturally unfolding. Giving up all resistance to life. Surrendering to the Universal power burning at the Source of all life. Letting go of all restless contractions and defensive attitudes that make it seem as if the Universe was against your presence on this Earth. Yielding to the way that life has chosen to show up before your eyes, even if it does not appear the way you imagined it should. Unconditionally accepting that the ego must die. Let its armor collapse and disintegrate so the Heavenly Being you came here to ground can reach its fullest bloom.

So many of the words we usually associate with weakness – surrendering, yielding, letting go – are actually the essential principles necessary to bring about complete healing and a powerful, creative, and harmonious life. Your life is made up of all the sensations, feelings, and emotions you are experiencing right at this very moment. Embrace it. Inhale it deeply… then exhale it completely. Let it die, let it go because your present death is essential to your new birth. Remember that death is the opposite of birth, not the opposite of Life. Life has no opposite, it is all Life – endlessly renewed if one learns to let the old go!

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