The Wu Wei Whisper: The Neglected Journey

Daniel Li Ox

Weekly Insight By Master Daniel Li Ox

Humanity’s awareness has mostly thrived within the materialistic realm. How amazing what we’ve created in terms of technological means to explore the outer Universe. Nowadays, we can easily travel around the world in a very short time. Not long ago, we touched the surface of the moon, and recently, we sent out a fabulous robotic explorer, which connects us directly with a live view of the Cosmos. These are only the big collective events. On an individual scale, human awareness is invested in an average of 24 hours a week of TV watching, and most of our yearly holidays are spent in travel. Without a doubt, humanity has tried to conquer the outer world as a means to achieve happiness.

At the same time, science has been inquiring in the opposite direction, hypothesizing that even the smallest particle is endlessly contracting and dividing, thus moving towards infinity as well. So If we look at humanity as being the midpoint between the infinitely big (the ever expanding Universe) and the infinitely small (the endlessly contracting or dividing smallest particle), then doesn’t the outer Universe only represent half of the whole portrait? And if we’re standing in the middle of these two halves, wouldn’t it be sensible to assume that they are directly connected in a continuum? If this is true, then there is no separation between what is inside and what is seen outside. Thus, our inner world becomes the one acting behind the scenes as the matrix of our outer reality. With that understanding, we can see clearly that by only looking outward we are neglecting a crucial part in our quest to master our own lives.

If we look through the lens of the Law of Yin and the Yang, where the Yin gives birth and nourishes the Yang, our journey inward should reveal the underlying foundation of our manifested world. This is what the deepest traditions and the Masters who have been exploring inward have told us for millenniums. Still and empty your mind, travel inward, and you might find the mechanic of Creation itself.

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