Qi Gong Treks

Tiger Leaping Gorge and Lugu Lake

Combined Trekking – 14 Days


Quick Overview

Combination of Tiger Leaping Gorge and Lugu Lake, trek through Nakhi, Pumi and Mosuo ethnic villages. This 8-day trekking trip provides close touch of Baoshan Stone Village, wonderful farm terraces, Jinsha river gorge and pristine forests and more. This is an in-depth, less-engaged route in southwest China with exotic culture along the trail. (lodging)



Day 01

Check-In day – Lijiang Old Town

Arrival: We’ll take you at the airport and bring you to a hotel in Lijiang Old Town. On that day of traveling you will enjoy some free time to visit the Ancient Town of Lijiang and to taste some High Grade Tea from all over China.

Day 02

From Lijiang to Qiaotou – Sleep at Maxi Guesthouse

First a ride from the old town of Lijiang to Qiaotou, our trek starting point. Reach the tollgate of Tiger Leaping Gorge at Tiger Leaping Town after a couple of hours’ ride. The views of the Tiger Leaping Gorge will gradually reveal as we walk in the path right on the side of Haba Snow Mountain. Across the rushing Jinsha River, the Upper part of the Yangtze River, is the Yulong Xue Shan (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain). Both mountains soaring over 5000 meters high.

This is a first day of ascent so we will only hike for about 4 hours and stop at the Naxi Guesthouse for the night and the following day.
(approx. 6 hours)

Day 03

Altitude acclimating / Meditation and Qi Gong Classes at Naxi Guesthouse

We will use this third day in this pristine scenery to give our body sometime to acclimate to the thin air of the high altitude and to transmit some meditation and qigong practices that we will share daily during the trek.

(no hiking – classes)

Day 04

Naxi Guesthouse to Tibet Guesthouse

We start this fourth day with the ascent of the steep 28 zipping turns after which a great view of the gorge just appears. We’ll be then at an altitude of over 3500 meters from the water surface within this gorged valley. We’ll continue our walk to the Tibet Guesthouse to have an overnight stay. Excellent mountain views from the guesthouse.
(Approx 6 hours)


Meal: Lunch, Dinner
Overnight: Guesthouse
By: Vehicle and Trekking

Day 05

From Tibet Guesthouse to Baoshan Stone Village

Wake up to enjoy alpenglow view of the Yulong Snow Mountain from the back. After breakfast, we set off walking on a road for a few hours on Walnut Grove. Great gorge views of cliff faces erect on both sides of the gorge, hanging waterfall and snow-capped peaks. We will head then to the ferry that will take us across the Jinsha River. From there a mini van will take us to Baoshan Stone village. We will stay for a couple of days  in a local Naxi family.
(Approx 5 hours)

Day 06

Baoshan Stone Village

Before breakfast we will discover this Naxi stone village built on a giant stone. This village was first built in the 13th century when Kublai’s troop passing here to their Yunnan expedition. Stone beds, stone pillows, stone tables, stone stools, stone hearth, stone vats, etc are everywhere. Walking in the small valleys in the village we can see the lot of constructions compacting together in a natural order. Over 100 families live here on farming by the terrace fields they have asserted around this village. Green fields rolling out on the mountain on both banks of the Jinsha River is an excellent picture of an ancient Naxi style.  Altitude has now dropped below 2000 meters and temperature has risen along.

In this fabulous location we will learn more about meditation and qigong.

Day 07

Baoshan Stone Village – Liuqing

Experience the Naxi village in the morning and after breakfast we walk out this village along the Yangtze River valley. We gradually ascend for 4 hours or more, elevation gains over 700 meters until we reach the top at 2500 meters by passing two tunnels at Taizi Pass. Before the tunnels we walk on a narrow trail cutting on the edge of the cliff. The tunnels, one 60 meters and the other 90 meters long, at the pass are the only passage that connects the villages from each side of the pass built in 1960s. They are very basic tunnels that were rather made for Asians, so be care for not bump your head against the roof in the tunnels. Panoramic views of the Stone village at back and in front, we have grand views of the Jinsha River. The gorge here is reputedly “the second gorge” after Tiger Leaping Gorge in terms of views and sudden plunging. After the pass we descend in the forest. Stay overnight in the Naxi family in Liuqing. (Approx 6 hours)

Day 08

Liuqing – Labo

Wake up early in the morning to catch the great sunrise view in the valley. Great views of terrace landscape and Jinsha river along our gradual trail. Pass by the Naxi villages and sometimes with a group of children running around. The village on the other side of the river looks isolated. It is a different ethnic group over there. This area has an obvious small population as we can only find resident in the villages, for most of the time we walk in the forest or open field or just arid slops. After a long trail walk we cross the Jinsha river and reach our today’s overnight spot, a Mosuo village named Labo. (Approx 7 hours)

Day 09-10

Labo Vilalge- Zhuangzi Village

Up ahead is the uphill trail leading into the scattered bushes or rocks, behind us is the Jinsha river and the randomly folding landscape we have traveled. We pass the Yi, Han, Pumi and Lisu group mixed village of Gewa halfway. Outside of the village are fields and dried ditches on the slopes. Be aware of the scotching sunlight in a sunny day. Occassional steps on a very basic road that during the rainy season usually gets flushed away by the rain in some parts. More houses and fields there and here and more open view of the Jinsha River behind as we ascend. Zhuangzi, a small village of Lisu people, and there is the place where we stay tonight. This place is strongly rooted in Buddhism and provide a huge Stupa and aspectacular view. So beautiful that we will stay an extra day to learn and practice more meditation and qigong.
(Approx 7 hours)

Day 11

Zhuangzi Village – Lugu Lake

Last day trek starts by ascending from Zhuangzi in the morning mist or clear sunlight. Pass the primary forest at the mountain pass at an altitude of 3500 meters. This part is an extremely less-touched part of the trek. Stream will be frozen if travel in winter, prayer flags(also called wind horse flags) of Tibetan Buddhism are hung at the pass like at every pass elsewhere in Tibetan Plateau. Across the pass we get open views of the Ninglang area, the Lugu Lake is about to be in sight. It is a green world(only golden in winter) here. We keep descending on the yellow earth, passing a group of villages, forest sometimes until we reach a road, which is also the terminus of our Tiger Leaping Gorge and Lugu Lake combined trek. Ride to the lake check in the hotel in Lige. (Approx 7 hours)

Day 12

Around Lugu Lake

Enjoy the morning at Lugu Lake before transferred back to Lijiang. Tiger-Leaping-Gorge and Lugu Lake Trekking trip ends in Lijiang.

Day 13

Lugu Lake – Lijiang

This is the day of transferred back to Lijiang. Tiger-Leaping-Gorge and Lugu Lake Trekking trip ends in Lijiang.

Day 14

Check out and we take you to the airport if you need.


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Transportation with driver
  • Guesthouse stays
  • Guides
  • Entrance fees
  • Service fee
  • Yaks or horses for transporting equipment


  • Any personal clothing and equipment
  • Tips and/or gratuities
  • Personal insurance
  • Any expenses incurred in an emergency evacuation


$US 1,999