“It’s all together that we will build a better world for tomorrow. We all have within us a part of the solution. To act brings happiness.” – Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Wandering Dao has a large desire to give back to the world and share the wealth of its experience, knowledge and wisdom. This desire takes many different forms… from retreats and detox programs to the development of online materials, we are always looking for new platforms from which to share and learn.
With this in mind, we have an exciting new platform under development, The Community Project.
Encompassing Wandering Dao’s core philosophies or community, sustainability, health and education, The Community Project will be a self-sustaining, self-sufficient Eco-Village.
Throughout history, strategies that promote the separation of people and the holding of power over one another has always led to injustice and self-destruction. Moreover, these strategies have kept humanity away from its ultimate quest… that of abundance, peace and happiness.
Wandering Dao aims to take these lessons and learn from them, creating a community where both power and dignity are shared equally.
Using Permaculture techniques that work with the Earth and respect its natural patterns, The Community Project will be an ‘off the grid’ Eco-Village capable of accommodating 100-150 people.
To create the blueprint for this project, we have been re-examining the principles that govern our existence. According to Daoist philosophy, our entire universe is one singular living organism, and every component within that employs the same organizing principles. By obeying these principles, which provide stability and abundance to all creation, the elements of enslavement, poverty and injustice are naturally eradicated. This leaves space for love, peace and harmony to thrive.
The Community Project will offer a model for healthy sustainable living. It will be a place where vibrant like-minded individuals, groups and organisations can unite in one force. And by providing free information, classes and workshops, it will give all people the support they need to make steps towards peace, health and happiness.
‘The Community Project’ will include twelve fields of trade and business:

  • Self-healing training centre
  • Natural building education centre
  • Permaculture training centre
  • Nutrition training centre
  • Detox & Healing centre
  • Organic Farm
  • Stores and stands
  • Wellness spa
  • Retreat centre
  • Pyrolysis center

Wandering Dao actively promotes inclusiveness, and at this point in the project we are reaching out to like minded people who resonate with this way of life. A community requires a lot of support to thrive, and there is a place for you no matter where your potential lies. Whether its volunteering, contributing or investing we invite you to join our diverse community. By uniting and sharing responsibilities we believe we can experience a high standard of living without the burden of having to do it alone.
If you want to be part of this abundance, contact us.