Wandering Dao

Wandering Dao is an ongoing project established to spread the principles of the Daoist Self-Healing practices to the many.

Education is our mean. Through the teaching of Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Dao Yin Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine and of the Daoist Wisdom our intention and mission is to democratize the knowledge around self-healing, health maintenance and longevity.

The traditional Chinese culture has compiled a treasure of teachings to maintain and improve health. It has been passed on from the Ancient China to today from masters to disciples. We want to published and diffused widely this information. Chinese medicine has the most effective and accessible medical knowledge to help ones prevent or even manage common health issues. It is pragmatic and simple especially presented through the simplified system created by Master Daniel Li Ox, the “Eight Forces Training System”.

After over 25 years of studies and 15 years of teaching, he came up with a very pragmatic system that can lead students to cultivate the 8 Universal Forces (skills or qualities) of the Bagua which feed and balance life on Earth.

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