Instructor Training


The certification process goes in 4 steps:

  1. The trainee must attend a first time the 6-week “Self-Healing Essentials Empowering Program (S.H.E.E.P.)”, which includes the Dao of Rejuvenation (Detox & Dao Yin), the Dao of Mind Control (Healing Meditation) and the Dao of Strength & Immunity (Qi Gong)
    See descriptions of the training (Starred training * of Modules A-B-C).
  2. Then, the trainee must engage in a 13-day cleanse at home and keep a journal of the whole process (taking notes of all the elements of the cleanse, the effects and add comments). The Cleanse must include: 3-day Detox Diet / 7-Day Herbal Supplemented or Water Fast / 3-Day Wise Retox.
    During that same period, the trainee must develop the 2 following skills:

    • a) Sitting cross-legged (lotus or half-lotus) in total stillness for 90 minutes.
    • b) Stand in the Horse Stance (Embracing the Tree Posture) for 2 consecutive hours.
    • c) Attend an extra week just before the beginning of the second 6-week S.H.E.E.P. with all the applicants for the certification, during which the trainee will be taught key elements not to be forgotten when teaching the S.H.E.E.P. and some teaching skills.
  3. The trainee must attend a second time the S.H.E.E.P. during which he/she may be asked to assist the master and during which extra classes could be offered to develop his/her teaching skills and to develop teaching material. The extra week and the extra classes are considered as the Dao of Teaching (Module T).  Written exams and testing on the skills learned in Modules A,B & C will be done during this training as well.
  4. During the last 2 weeks of the program, the trainee will need to succeed on technical and written exams related to the 3 Modules of the training.
    • a) Technical: Excerpts of forms or exercises, pushes in the 8 postures of the Iron Shirt etc.
    • b) Written: Questions on the knowledge and theory behind the practices. (All questions will refer to the topics and information that have been covered during the classes.


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