Outreach Programs

Sponsored by your donation, we spread the basics of self-healing, hygiene, preventive health care and lifestyle based on the Daoist knowledge for free of charge. To start we choose to launch two programs, the “Barefoot Doctors Program” which train healers and health counselors in parts of the world in great needs and the “Children Empowering Program” that we integrate in schools to empower children and teenagers around their anatomy, physiology and their inherent healing and healer skills.

Barefoot Doctor Program

The name comes from a program created in China to educate farmers, who would often work barefoot in the rice paddies, around the basic principles of health and self-care. The purpose of the “Barefoot Doctors Program” is to bring health care training into rural areas in order to promote basic hygiene, preventive health care and lifestyle and treat common illnesses.

Sponsored by your donations, the Wandering Dao certified instructors are sent in various areas of the world to teach, completely free of charge.

Children Empowering Program

The idea is to offer in school or other infrastructures around children between 7 and 16 years old, anatomy / qi gong and applied healing classes to demystify the human body and the inherent human healing and healer skills.


We need your support

Please consider helping to support these programs and also to help our transition towards a not-for-profit structure so we can make all these teaching available to others free of charge.