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Our Self-Healing Instructor Program (S.H.I.P.) is offered by Master Daniel Li Ox as a Work / Study Program to people interested in Self-Healing and in working in the field of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong .
The participant who will complete the program will have highly improved his/her health and physical strength. He/she will be also eligible to pass the written and practical exam and be officially certified as a Wandering Dao Self-Healing Qi Gong Instructor. The minimum commitment is 3 months and it could be extended according to the projects we can develop or maintain with the participant.

The training program includes mainly 3 of our 8 modules training system: The Dao of Rejuvenation (Daoist holistic cleansing, Dao Yin Yoga), the Dao of Mind Control (stillness & healing meditations & emotional management), and the Dao of Immunity & Strength (Qi Gong to increase the efficiency of your immune system and to develop your internal and external power). For the ones interested in teaching the program, the module “Dao of Teaching” will also be taught.

Our Center is based in the stunning area of Yangshuo where  we also host most of our retreats.

All along the training the participants will be asked to work in exchange in various fields. Wandering Dao aims to be community based organization that wants to spread the self-healing knowledge throughout the world. For this we need a wide number of instructors and we also need help to build the foundations. The first fields of competence that we are looking for are mainly in Communication / Marketing, Video & Power Point Production, Book Editing, Illustration, and Nutrition (full list below).

If you’re interested in joining the program, you must know that the elements “WORK” & “STUDY” are partly separated. The participants need to commit in various projects . The amount of work is evaluated either in terms of “Mission to Accomplish” or in terms of “Hours of Work”, depending on the nature of the work. During the “WORK” period, 1 Meditation technique, 1 form of Qi Gong, and later in the program, 1 form of Tai Chi will be shared and practiced daily (Monday to Friday). The “WORK” will allow the participant to receive partially or totally the Self-Healing Essentials Empowering Program teaching (200h), that will be held next October, for free. More precise information will be shared with the ones who will be selected.

During the “WORK” period two options are available. The participants can have an accommodation for free if they choose to stay in the staff dorms or to have a private or shared room (with 1 other trainee) at the center for a fee. The fees for a room vary between 1800 to 2100 / month ($US 300-350) during the low season (before end of June). If the participant stayed in the center for 3 months and intend to stay more the price will remain the same otherwise the price will increase slightly. The food (basic vegetarian meals) is included and shared with all the staff. Other things on the menu or imported products like nuts, dried fruits, superfoods etc. are not included but can be bought at our “cost”. One can also choose to select items from the menu and benefit of a considerable discount.

After you’ve read the WORKING PROJECTS OPTIONS and if you’re interested in joining, contact us through Skype so we can share more details with you and move forward.
If you can’t find any projects for which you could qualify but that you either have a proposal for a personal idea or that you would be open to work as a regular staff member you can also contact me. For personal project proposals or to join our staff, write us an email describing your intention first and then we will schedule a Skype call.

We are hoping to welcome you soon.

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  • new vegetarian, vegan, raw food dishes
  • detox menu
  • desserts, ice creams
  • drinks & desserts menu
  • Dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces, & spreads

Dehydrating program w/yearly calendar (seasonal fruits & prices)

  • solar dehydrator building
  • dehydrating program
  • Raw breads, crackers, chips, & sweet treats


  • double-ferment kombucha
  • sourkraut & other L-F

Branding & Marketing

  • Local promotion of the center
  • Launching of Power bars and various products on the market
  • Creation of promotional items
  • Detox Center

Film programing

  • Designing the program of Documentaries & Features
  • Downloads of short films to present as an intro of movie nights.

Graphic design

  • Menu
  • Promotional items designs
  • Pamphlet on “How to integrate superfood in regular diet and recipes”
  • Powerpoints


  • Creation of a Sprout house
  • Resto & roof-top gardens
  • Composting


  • newsletter
  • documenting every activities of the center (photos, texts for blogs, Facebook, website

Video Production

  • Creation of instructional videos

Book Production

  • Let Food Be Thy Medicine … (The best food for the various ailments)
  • Extensive list of our ingredients with their properties

Urban Gardening Program

  • Establishing a network of urban organic growers on Furong Lu and the streets around the center that would provide Mood Food Energy Café with organic produce


Work/Study Program Application Form


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