Wild China

 Wadering Dao in Yangshuo Park

Lately, many of us have been reflecting on how fortunate we are to find ourselves undergoing this training in such an exotic place as China and under such particularly magical scenery as found here in Yangshuo. Even after several months of walking the same streets in the same small community, we still go out each day filled with a sense of adventure that is feels much more akin to traveling than ordinary living. In China, it is unavoidable that life continues to present an unexpected variety around every turn. This helps to keep us alert and deeply fascinated – a feeling we all long for in our daily lives back home.

So far, the Dao of Mind Control has been all about going inside and being excited about what you find there. On Thursday, Daniel related this to the experience of a child taking a car ride to a nearby destination. In the back seat they can’t sit still as they are overflowing with enthusiasm and anticipation of what they might find upon entering the unknown. Immediately after arriving, they may run around with curious excitement, marveling at simple wonders that are completely new and exciting. What’s interesting, is that after growing up a bit, this same child will probably drive his or her own car to that same destination, but have somehow lost the lust for exploration and the ability to see past the familiar, the ordinary.

Our experience in China has shown that there are always interesting things to observe and interact with – even in one’s everyday environment – but if they aren’t screaming for attention as they do in China, most people go about their day without seeing anything new. Instead, we focus on how boring and monotonous our lives have become. The same is true of our inward journey. If we don’t develop the ability to feel our bodies – every cell and atom – we spend our lives thinking that we know what is going on in there, and that its not very interesting. By practicing meditation and looking inward for whatever we can find – over and over again – we can slowly begin to regain the spirit of the adventurous child as we look inwards, curious and excited about the journey and open to whatever experiences may arise.

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