Work/Study Program at Work!

Work/Study Program at Work!

Along with the rebirth of the physical center, a new training, the Work/Study Program, has also just begun here at Wandering Dao. The four participants – Aixing (Vietnam), Jesse (USA), Nils (Germany) and Maris (Estonia) – have begun a six month training to prepare themselves and the center for six weeks of retreats beginning in the end of October. In the process, they are all experiencing a sort of personal rebirth as well, as they have just completed ten-days on a detox diet and a seven-day fasting protocol.

Catch a glimpse of the team in full detox mode in this video shot by Nils. It also features an in depth interview with Daniel about detox.

Holistic Detox 1: Why We Need It and How To Do It from wanderingdao on Vimeo. There are more videos on the Vimeo channel too!

Even now, with the fast behind them, the purification continues as the students become more and more immersed in the deep practices of the Self Healing Empowerment Essentials Program. “It seems we are all standing on the rubble of our old life and discovering that there’s now room for something new,” Maris reflects. But this space hasn’t been left empty for long as everyone is busy with their own “work” aspect of the Work/Study Program. “It is a good balance of knowledge flowing in and productivity coming out.  The practices allow me to be present and work more effectively, and the work helps to solidify the practice in my mind,” remarks Jesse. Each participant is looking forward to having a very successful retreat in October and learning how to put their new skills to practical use by assisting Daniel with the instruction.

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