WSP 2015 has officially begun!

WSP 2015 has officially begun!
A productive afternoon... fuelled by delicious green juice.

A productive afternoon… fuelled by delicious green juice.

8 people have arrived at Wandering Dao from all corners of the globe (with a few more yet to join us), ready to start a 100-day placement involving both ‘work’ and ‘study’ elements.

During the work element of the program, participants will take part in one of the (awesome) projects going on this year… There is a book and app being developed on Nutritional Healing. There are photography and video presentations being created, that will document what’s happening at Wandering Dao. There are communication tasks, blogging and updates to be written. And the Community Project will be brought to a new level this year, with a lot of exciting progress being made. So a lot to get stuck into!

As for the study side of the program, where to start?! There is so much to learn… our mornings are now becoming an opportunity for us to explore different Daoist and Qigong practices, such as Ba Duan Jin, Zhan Zhuang and various forms of Meditation, all under the watchful eye of Master, teacher and friend Daniel Li Ox.

When the WSP program is complete, participants will be free to attend the 6-week Self-Healing Essentials Empowering Program (S.H.E.E.P) retreat here at the centre.

The S.H.E.E.P retreat will run this year from Oct 18 – Nov 28