WSP Update!

WSP Update!

We are now in our third week of the Wandering Dao Work/Study Program, and there’s already been some great progress made both with the projects and in our training.

The Nutritional Healing Project is really coming along, and students Dawa and No Mi have been working hard to research and compile articles on the different foods we will focus on. This will then be edited into an E-Book, and later condensed into a user-friendly application that can be accessed through your phone. Something to look forward to!

The Community Project has made good ground recently too… quite literally actually, as we may have found a suitable piece of land to purchase just outside Yangshuo. WSP student Brad has also been gathering information for the suitable Permaculture and Energy techniques we will use there.

The Wandering Dao website is being brought up-to-date with regular blog posts, and even an Instagram account ( Futhermore, student Jose has been looking to open a WeChat page that will be accessible soon.

As far as training goes, we have all been quite overwhelmed and excited by the depth and breadth of what there is to learn. The practices we are exploring, such Qi Jin Gong and Dao Yin, are not just physical practices, they are very internal and have so many different aspects. We have been meditating for 2 hours a day, learning different exercises, forms of stomach massage, stretches and even studying anatomy and physiology. It feels like we are being introduced to a new world of health and information, and we’re all feeling the differences. As Brad says “I am much more aware of my body now, it’s like I’m bringing my attention to areas I’ve never explored before. And I’m starting to realise that letting go of tension isn’t just about relaxing or stretching, it’s about opening up.”

With such positive progress being made on the projects, and the changes we are feeling within our bodies, it is amazing to think we are still only 3 weeks into the Work/Study Program. There is so much yet to learn and explore! We are all looking forward to whatever we discover next…


The Wandering Dao 100 day Work/Study Program runs every year. Contact us for more information.