Weekly insight by Master Daniel Li Ox

As a healer and a teacher, I often hear: “I’ll try Qi Gong, I’ll try Yoga, I’ll try Acupuncture, I’ll try this technique, this method, I heard it’s very good, someone healed cancer or this and that with it!” As if an external technique could fix the unconscious processes of your pains and illnesses. Nothing can be more illusory. Nothing external could ever heal you.

This ancient wisdom, these methods, are not there to be tried but to ENTER. We “enter” a Qi Gong process. Qi Gong is a practice that draws you deep within. Imagine your energy field as a garden. Qi Gong helps you feel your way round that garden, all the precious plants that are growing there. And it also helps you become aware of the unconscious forces growing the weeds you don’t want. Qi Gong unifies the body, mind and spirit, and clarifies the new choices to be made. It makes you conscious of how you create tensions in your body. It makes you conscious of how you create your emotional world. And it makes you conscious of the thoughts and affirmations that keep bombarding and programming the life you don’t want. Qi Gong won’t fix you, but it will give you the responsibility and empowerment to change, to reprogram your unconscious mind. And the outcome of that will be the life you want. Remember that Qi Gong won’t make you feel better, but will train you so you can feel more! All the colors of life that show up at every moment like NOW! … and that feels good!

Qi Gong classes run every day (8.30-9.30am and 12-1pm) from Monday to Friday at Wandering Dao.