daniel_li_ox_thumb_2Weekly insight from Master Daniel Li Ox

If we’re not aware of what is an emotion, the first thing we may experience is a re-action.
To describe what an emotion is, I like to break the word down into e-motion. That stands for Energy in Motion. In our daily life we are dancing in a full spectrum of vibrations, that are penetrating our field. Some of these make their way through without resistance, some with just a little, but some others create sharp re-actions as if someone had, during the dance of life, walked over our broken toe. If we do not inquire within, these strong reactions can be quite uncontrollable, and the e-motion ends up as an e-no-motion, or what we commonly call an emotional state. This can last for hours, days, months, and in some cases a whole lifetime.
We must understand that emotional states are generated and reside within, they are just triggered by external situations. In Chinese Medicine we’ve known for a long time that a negative emotional state has its roots in an internal tension. The tension is not the consequence, but the cause. If we are not aware of that, we may tend to project the cause of the pain on the situation that occurs right in front of us. It seems so real and makes so much sense to our ego. But as it is coming from an internal tension, at one point all our external reality may end up stained by this one emotion, and we can feel there is no escape. We may try to change the outside world or even isolate ourselves to avoid these feelings occuring, but that won’t work for long.

Once we understand that our negative emotional states come from physical contractions that then spill over in our emotional and mental realm, we can start using these triggers to immediately look within. Find the roots of the “e-no-motion” that blocks vibrations moving through our being. Enter the ultimate emotional healing process of making space for this energy, so no more negative outcomes can be generated. Then I can dance happily with life, no matter the quality of the dancer that shows up on the dance floor.

Remember this the next time you are emotionally triggered, don’t ask yourself “why am I having this feeling” but “where are the inner tensions within me that are at the root of this feeling”. You may save some precious time on your quest for happiness.