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Jul 12 – Aug 8, 2015

This 4-week Bu Di Zhen Tai Chi retreat will teach you a 150-movement form. This form will help everyone to cultivate flexibility, strength, stability, fluidity, harmony, and mastery. You will learn the movements and their martial applications. (Note that if you wish to join for only 2 weeks, it is possible as long as you choose the 2 first ones. One cannot join after the retreat has started.)

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Each day, 6 hours of training will be offered. The teaching of the form will be complemented by meditation, Qi Gong, and stretching sessions so you can improve your flexibility, mind control, and general health as they will replenish and center your energy, and protect you from external aggressions.

This retreat is open to all no matter your age or your physical condition. The masters Hrod & Sabine Romero are experienced teachers who can adapt their teaching according to your actual potentialities and not according to the difficulties of the exercises. This way everyone can evolve according to their own will and their personal quest.

This is an all included retreat. It includes accommodation (shared or private), and 3 complete healthy vegetarian meals per day. Every afternoon, documentaries are projected in the community room and in the evening feature movies are projected in the training studio. During the weekends, cultural activities will be organized and people will be free to join. (Tea Farm visit, bicycle tours, bamboo rafting, cave exploring, mountain climbing etc.)

Schedule sample

7h – 8h30 : meditation & Qi gong

8h30 – 9h30 : breakfast

9h30 – 11h : Qi gong & Taiji

11h – 16h : free time

16h – 17h : stretching & fitness

17h30 – 19h30 : Taiji Evening free

Shifu Hrod Romero 2

Master Hrod Romero

born in France in 1969. He started his traditional Kung Fu training in 1982 by following Master Hoang, the master who introduced Kung Fu in France in 1970. He became his disciple and received the complete training during the 12 following years.

He competed in techniques et in fights until 1994; Master Hrod is multiple champion in France. He remained unbeaten until then.  In 1995, he started teaching Chinese Martial Arts amongst an association. In 2009, with his wife Master Sabine Romero, he founded “L’École Dragon-Tigre”, which is known as the biggest Kung Fu School in France. This year (2014) the school has been selected by the Shaolin’s World Ambassador to represent France to the 6th Traditional Kung Fu World Championship.

During the last decade, Master Hrod Romero went to China and followed the Bu Di Zhen teaching of the Gao family, which includes very original forms of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. He is now officially recognised as the 4th generation of this lineage and has been granted the high honor of “High Master International”.

Simu Sabine Romero

Master Sabine Romero

born in France in 1967. In 1995 she started he Kung Fu studies with Master Hrod Romero the Shaolin’s “10 Animal Style”. She is now part of the 38th generation of this lineage.  Since 2005, she assists her husband and teaches in the teaching of their school (L’École Dragon-Tigre), the biggest school of France.

In 2009, they founded “Dragon-Tigre Kung Fu School” (Ecole Dragon-Tigre) which won over 36 medals in this year 2014’s edition of the World Championship in China. After 18 years, Simu Sabine became an international certified 4th generation master of the Budizhen Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu of the Gao Family’s lineage.


Yangshuo, China

Yangshuo is popular among tourists for its karst peaks, rivers, caves, and temples as well as its laid back cafes and bars. As such, the city is visited by a large number of Chinese tourists and foreigners alike, and has a relatively big ex-pats community. Yangshuo is now a relatively large tourist town, different from most typical Chinese towns. It is relatively air and noise pollution free, (provided you get away from major roadways), very clean and does not usually suffer from endless massive traffic chaos. Instead, it harbours wonderful restaurants and shops, an almost unlimited number of hotels and hostels, and is fairly developed by mainland Chinese standards. Yangshuo is well-known amongst travellers in Southern China, and is a major stop on the trail of many independent travellers. The main reason people stop in the town is to explore the local countryside by bike, try their hand on the world class rock-climbing sites or take a bamboo raft down the river, viewing the famous ¥20 scene in the process. Source: Wikitravel


Bu Di Zhen Tai Chi Retreat

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¥8,118/2 weeks
  • ¥ 8,118 ≈ US$ 1,300

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