Wandering Dao Qi Gong School Has Set New Roots!


Li river in Yangshuo, China

After operating for many years in a small studio in Bali, Indonesia, Qigong Master Daniel Li Ox has relocated his training center to a spectacular location in the mountains of Southern China.  The region is home to the rich culture and stunning scenery that gave birth to Daoist philosophy and the ancient healing arts of qigong and meditation.

“Everything got too easy on Bali, on that island where one can forget that a world exist around” Daniel says simply.” China feels real, raw. All the paradoxes of life are present. No wonder why all the tools to face them were also born here. China is a great place to let your egoistic ideals die and to broaden your capacity to feel real life. China is surely THE spot on Earth to get stronger.”

The new home of Wandering Dao is in the picturesque Chinese town of Yangshuo which has inspired everyone from ancient artists to modern filmmakers. The backdrop for our qigong training is now literally the same as that of “Star Wars” and “Avatar” films. With two majestic rivers flowing amidst the myriad steep mountain peaks, the energy of this place is like no other on Earth. Blessed life!

movie photo

Like in the movies!

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