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Eight Forces Training System

This system based on the Bagua wants to help you understand the foundation of health. The human being is a tri-essence being meaning that he has a physical body, an emotional body, and a mental or spiritual body. The vibrational quality of these three determines the outcome of the physical health, the emotional stability, the mental and psychic abilities and the spiritual growth. They all interact as one unit and none of them can be ignored because they are all constantly active and creating effects. The human being physical-emotional-mental-spiritual state is ONE, it is the expression of our holistic (body-mind-spirit) balance.
If you aim to perfect health and to live long, nutrition, fasting, movement, stillness, internal, external, hard, soft, physical, mental, all these Yin & Yang aspects of life are all unavoidable matters to be understood and integrated in your lifestyle. This system aims to guide you and to bring you safety in this healing and integration process. Scroll the page down and you may already understand how each of the Eight Forces complement each other and feed essential elements of life.

The 8 Modules

Each module aims to develop specific qualities and skills in the trainees.


 The Dao of Detox & Rejuvenation

 Water / Kan (Water)

Yielding Force


Purification & Flexibility


Dao Yin, Self-Massage & Holistic Detoxification


The Dao of Stillness & Mind Control

Lake / Dui (Yin Metal)

Reflecting Force


Relaxation & Stillness


Active & Stillness Meditations (Nei Gong)


The Dao of Immunity & Power

 Mountain / Gen (Yang Earth)

Strengthening Force


Alignment, Grounding, Protection, strong Immunity & Physical Power


Various forms of Qǐ Gōng (Wai Gong)


The Dao of Applied Therapies

Thunder / Zheng (Yin Wood)

Catalyzing Force


Applied Healing Skills


Applied Therapy Techniques (Acupuncture, Chi Nei Tsang, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Herbs)


The Dao of Movements & Grace

Fire / Li (Fire)

Creative Force


Grace, Flow, and Power in Movements


Martial Arts (Tai Chi), Walking Meditations


The Dao of Nutrition

Earth / Kun (Yin Earth)

Nourishing Force


Sustenance. Knowledge of how to feed the body.


5 Element Nutrition, Food Supplements and Herbs Studies


The Dao of Sex & Emotions

Heaven / Qian (Yang Metal)

Inspiring Force


Virtuousness, Emotional Balance & High Spirit


Sacred Sexual Energy Qǐ Gōng & Emotional Alchemy


The Dao of Wisdom

Wind / Sun (Yang Wood)

Moving Force


Knowledge & Wisdom


Daoist Sacred Texts Studies

To be Certified as an Instructor:


The Dao of Teaching

Teaching Skills & Documents

For every training that one will request to be certified, one will have to go through this module. The trainee will have to pass physical and written exams successfully, to produce teaching documents and to be supervised during a formal training.

Self-Healing Instructor Program (S.H.I.P.)


Next S.H.I.P.

Oct 12 – Nov 29, 2014

This Self-Healing Instructor Program addresses the one interested in transmitting self-healing knowledge and skills.These training focus on integrating and learning to transmit the basic holistic components of self-healing that affect blood, Qi, organs, fluids, Jing (essence), Wei Qi (protective energy field), emotions, and Shen (spirit). Among these components are included tissue cleansing, Qi Gong exercises and forms, healing meditations, Dao Yin stretches and self-massage, emotional management, and lifestyle and mental/spiritual discipline.

Check it out!

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Browse Training

* Note: Training that are “STARRED” are mandatory in order to be certified as a “Basic Qi Gong Instructor”. In order to have the more advanced certifications, every training become mandatory.

Module A

Dao of Rejuvenation

MA-1: The Art of Holistic Cleansing

An essential cleansing on a healing journey. This deep detoxification is composed of 3 days of  preparatory “Detox Diet” before entering  7 days of  fasting and followed by 3 days of superfood replenishment to feed the blood and rejuvenate rapidly. During the first 3 days, detoxifying foods are served to initiate the cleansing and to fill the body’s reserves with vitamins and minerals. Then one shift on 7 days either taking only alkaline water or supporting the blood and organs with herbal blends. During this training one learns the protocol of a holistic therapeutic fasting in order to proceed safely and efficiently. One will learn to cleanse blood, lymph and Qi, the 5 organs (zang) and the 5 entrails (fu). Includes all foods and supplements, mild Qi Gong exercises, Dao Yin Yoga, self-massages, healing sounds and other healing meditation.

* MA-2: Dao Yin Basics

This training teaches how to open and harmonize the spine and the 12 meridians with gentle yogic stretches and how to activate the various systems of the body with self-massages.

* MA-3: Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong (Eight Pieces of Brocade)

The Baduanjin Qi Gong (八段錦) is one of the most common forms of Chinese Qi Gong used as exercise. Variously translated as Eight Pieces of Brocade, Eight-Section Brocade, Eight Silken Movements and others, the name of the form generally refers to how the eight individual movements of the form characterize and impart a piece of a brocade quality to the body and its energy. The Baduanjin is primarily designated as a form of medical qigong, meant to improve health, it is mild and perfect to incorporate during a cleansing or a fast.

Module B

Dao of Mind Control

* MB-1: Basics of Healing Meditations

A retreat during which we will share in details the fundamentals of self-healing meditations. This will include warm up exercises, the postures and mudras, breath work and the 4 various powers used in Qi Gong to activate your healing process.

* MB-2: Cultivating Peace in your Inner World

This meditation training leads you in the various layers and systems of your body-mind and teaches you how to dispel stagnant energies and to cultivate bright, vital and creative healing vibrations. You will learn the Golden Light Meditation through 5 channels and Healing Sounds Meditation.

* MB-3: Developing your Full Human Potential

Here you are introduced to the practice of psycho-puncture. During this retreat you will be taught how to use the 4 powers of Qi Gong to open the Microcosmic Orbit on which reside the 14 most powerful energy centers (acupuncture points). In Chinese medicine those points are known to hide like a treasure your full physical, emotional, mental/spiritual potentials.

Module C

Dao of Immunity & Strength

* MC-1: Developing and Centering Qi (Xiao Dan Tian Qi Gong)

This retreat will be dedicated in developing a Qi belt in the lower cavity of the body called the Lower Dan Tian. The 11 animals of the Xiao Dan Tian Qi Gong form will be taught. The benefits of cultivating Qi in the lower abdomen are numerous; among them an increase of general energy, mental clarity, presence, intuition, it oxygenates deeply and it activates a strong detoxification.

* MC-2: Grounding and Rooting Qi (Iron Shirt Qi Gong 1)

This famous practice composed of 8 solid and static postures teaches how to bring Qi deep in the organs, tissues and bones and is highly aerobic in the sense that it brings a high amount of oxygen in the cells. More than simply melting fats and shaping the body, the greatest benefit is that it boosts the immune system.

* MC-3: Building Internal Qi Pressure (Golden Bell Qi Gong)

This “Hard Qi Gong” form also called “Iron Body Budizhen Qi Jin Gong” comes from the Martial Qi Gong tradition. It is a blend of 12 movements designed to increase the Qi pressure in every parts of the body. It is highly energizing and it creates a powerful energy field. We teach this form in a context of healing Qi Gong because it activates a strong blood circulation, access and releases deep stagnations that softer forms of Qi Gong would hardly reach hence brings the detoxification to another level.

MC-4: Qi Gong with Weights (Tendon & Bone Qi Gong)

This retreat is a Qi Gong fitness training. Here one learns to channel an increased amount of Qi through the meridians and to move masses using structural alignment, tendon power, and the breath. We teach how to use industrial training equipment, free weights, and body weights.

Module D

Dao of Traditional Chinese Medicine

MD-1: Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Part of its external forms, the Chinese medical system has developed an extensive knowledge and various methods of holistic treatment. Among them herbology, massage and acupuncture figure as the main tools. This training offers an introduction to the basic theories and tools coming from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the information so the participant can establish a personal diagnosis to plan a personal healing program. It includes a whole body Tuina routine (Chinese therapeutic massage), how to use the basic Chinese herbs and some acupuncture points, and lifestyle, diet, dao yin stretches, and other exercises suggestions to strengthen the body and to counteract common imbalances to restore the body-mind-spirit harmony. Included in the program will also be offered numbers of Internal Qi Gong  (nei gong) practices.

MD-2: Hands & Feet Reflexology

Learn the extremely simple principles and maneuvers of Chinese and Western reflexology. Reflexology is an alternative therapy used for bringing healing and balance to the body and the various systems of the body, including the digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, respiratory and immune systems. You will learn to apply pressure on reflex points of the foot and the hands, which send a signal through the nervous system and activate the healing. It is a gentle, noninvasive form of healing that works to bring balance to the whole body so that imbalances and illness can be naturally resolved.

MD-3: Chinese Herbs 2

Classes to deepen your knowledge around the use of Chinese herbs. Here we gradually study and explore with various categories of herbs according to our needs and the needs of the people we would like to help.

MD-4: Tuina Massage 2

A hands-on retreat during which one will learn to deepen their knowledge around this traditional Chinese massage.

MD-5: Muscular Massage

A hands-on retreat during which one will learn the anatomy of the muscular system and to apply a deep massage in all the muscles of the body.

MD-6: Shiatsu Massage

A hands-on retreat during which one will learn the anatomy of the energetic system and to apply this Japanese form of massage made of pressures and stretches.

MD-7: Qi Nei Zang 1 (Basics, Yang Organ Detox & Buddha Palm Qi Gong)

This is a special type of Daoist internal organ massage. This technique could be seen as an applied form of Qi Gong. The QNZ practitioner must know how to project Qi with his hands so for this purpose we will teach a Qi Gong form called “Buddha Palm” and the basic techniques that facilitate the release of the tensions within the Yang organs (small & large intestine, urinary bladder, gallbladder, and stomach) and the drainage of their toxic wastes.

MD-8: Qi Nei Zang 2 (Yin Organ Detox & Emotional Processing)

In this second part of the training you will learn to detox the Yin organ and to release emotional loads. You will learn a series of acupuncture point (Mu & Shu points) that will allow you to access energetically the organs.

MD-9: Qi Nei Zang 3 (Toning & Dispersing points)

In this final part you will learn to harmonize organs and energy channels. You will be taught the “Art of the Pulses”, the Toning and Dispersing acupuncture points and the closure of the session.

MD-10: Karzai Nei Zang (Perineal & Genital massage)

This specific technique is an extension of the QNZ that addresses the perineum and the genitals. The pelvic floor hides deep tensions and emotional loads. If one aspires to freedom, one must address and release all stagnations. The KNZ will teach you to approach safely and respectfully this area of the body and to lead the stagnation back to movement.

Module E

Dao of Martial Arts

ME-1: Tai Chi 1 (Push-hands, Basic steps & 12 Movements Form Chen Style)

This retreat offers an exotic journey into martial art movements in stunning Chinese scenery. The trainee will learn the basic steps of the Chen Style 12 movement form and will develop grounding, power and grace. Push-Hands, Qi Gong, Dao Yin Yoga and meditation classes complement the Tai Ji master training.

ME-2: Tai Chi 2 (Push-Hands, 18 Movements Form Chen Style)

During this retreat you will learn 6 more movements of the form and will be introduced to Fa Jin (energy burst). You will learn to sink deeper in your center and channel the Qi from there to your extremities.

ME-3: Budizhen Tai Chi

A very unique and spectacular style of Tai Ji created by the Gao family. This form composed of over 120 movements (various punches and kicks) is easy to assimilate and lots of fun to practice.

Module F

Dao of Nutrition

MF-1: Detox Diet & Wise Retox

This very practical retreat will teach how you can detox by eating specific food and how you can minimize the unavoidable intoxicating process coming from food and simply from life itself. You will be taught recipes that detoxify the 5 main organs, healthy snacks, and the basic principles to avoid forming toxins. This teaching will be complemented with Qi Gong and Dao Yin practices, self-massages and meditations … all oriented on detox.

MF-2: Nutrition 1 (Basics of Nutrition):

MF-3: Nutrition 2 (5 Elements Nutrition)

MF-4: Nutrition 3 (Balancing Yin & Yang with food)

Module G

Dao of Sexuality & Emotions

MG-1: Emotional Alchemy 1 (8 Extraordinary Vessels Qi Gong)

A beautiful, simple and very effective form to bring back harmony in your energy field. With gentle movements and synchronized breathing you will learn to explore the pathways of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels (also called Psychic Channels), to dislodge and ground stagnations that according to Chinese medicine are at the source of emotional imbalances.

MG-2: Emotional Alchemy 2 (Fusion of the Five Elements)

MG-3-4-5: Daoist Sexual Energy Training

Sexual Energy is a crucial element in Daoism for healing and to cultivate the Jing (Essence). Unlike external forces (Cosmic, Earthly, Nature), which can be used but not accumulated, the human sexual power can be refined and gathered. This makes of this energy a real gift to humanity to replenish energy reserves and restore the damage done by unhealthy lifestyle one may have pursue over number of years. Working with sexual energy gives one the opportunity to walk back in time and rejuvenate. This, no other sources of energy could ever grant that blessing.

The source of this energy resides in the lower cavity, the genital area, which is considered like an inner factory of energy. The Dao says that this energy cannot be neutral, it can either accelerate the aging process or restore youth. Note that these practices, issued from monks and nuns, aim for healing and greater spiritual achievements.

MG-3: Sexual Healing 1 / solo practices

The trainee will learn the 20 basic Daoist Sexual “Solo” Practices, and will be introduced to the “Dual” Practices. The “Level 2” (Dual Practices Training) is taught to the ones having previously trained and mastered the Level 1.

MG-4: Sexual Healing 2 / dual practices

MG-5: Sexual Alchemy / advanced practices

Module H

Dao of Wisdom

MH-1: 100-Day retreat (Meditation – Dao Yin Yoga – Qi Gong – Daoist Studies)

“After a hundred days there develops by itself in the midst of the light a point of the true-light pole (yang). Then suddenly there develops the seed pearl. It is as if man and woman embraced and a conception took place.” – The Secret of the Golden Flower (Daoist Sacred Text) More than a retreat but a life experience dedicated to serious practitioners who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the Traditional Daoist practices and Wisdom. You are invited to join us for a 100-day monastic experience with Daoist masters, monks and nuns at the ZhizhiAn Temple in Wuyishan, China. The basic retreat will include daily classes on various Daoist sacred texts, daily Qi gong exercises, chanting and meditations. Throughout this period various classes, workshops and retreats will also be offered to the ones interested only in specific training or available for only a short period of time. Among these training you are invited to sign up for various Qi Gong forms, Tai Ji, Chinese Massages, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and other Traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

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Who is This Training Addressing?

check_15-20110903141427-00037Individuals who want to heal their diseases and Illnesses, and master their health … and who are willing to do the proper efforts to reach that goal.
check_15-20110903141427-00037Individuals who would like to become “Instructors” to teach the practices to others.
check_15-20110903141427-00037Individuals who would like to join a community who wants to bring the knowledge of Self-Healing Qi Gong in the world.

12 Specific Goals


Healing personal diseases and illnesses.


Looking and feeling younger. Recovering a strong vitality.


Achieving perfect alignment, grounding and rooting.


Relaxing deeply the body and keeping the mind focused, quiet and still.

Cultivating Virtues

Journeying toward emotional stability and integrating self-control. Clearing the Spirit from fears and raising it to the Highest Vibration of Love.


Maximizing flexibility. Reaching out for the Full Lotus, Full Forward and Back Bend, Front & Lateral Split, Full Butterfly Postures.


Increasing immunity. Developing a strong Qi Belt (core) and structure. Improving the body shape to project an energy of strength and solidity.


Cleansing the body, harmonizing the emotions, raising and enlightening the Spirit.


Bringing softness, grace, and power in the body movements.


Integrating spiritual principles that lead toward Peace, Love, and Freedom.

Cognitive knowledge

Cultivating academic knowledge through the study of human anatomy, physiology, psychology and the theory related to the various practices.

Teaching Skills

Transmitting knowledge by creating workshop curriculums and of teaching documents for every modules. Developing the main teaching skills.

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Three Stages of Training


Evolutionary stage

This stage implies practices to relax and heal the body-mind-spirit and to prepare the practitioner for the higher stages. Here we create the foundations that will help the trainees to approach with more ease the arduous discipline that will have to be faced in the Transitory and Completion stages.


Transitory stage

This stage is transitory in the sense that the trainee at that point of the training focuses on developing the skills to allow the Wisdom Mind (Yi) to conduct the practice over the emotional mind (Xin). Here the trainee already regulated the body, the breath, and the mind and is now able to reach a deep state of relaxation, which is fundamental for further progresses. While the “Evolutionary Stage” is about actualising a Deep Relaxation, this stage is about achieving the Perfect Stillness in order to reach the Original State of Great Emptiness. From the latter, the natural process of the Dao operates and unfolds. In the “Transitory Stage” we pursue the regulation of the Xin (emotional mind), the Jing (essence), and the Qi (energy).


Completion stage

This is the Highest stage of all Daoist practices in which the Disciple is chosen by the Master in order to be led to achieve full Realization and Enlightenment. At this stage one has already developed the ability to allow the Wisdom Mind (Yi) to conduct the practice and has also shown a high degree of Morality and Integrity. This is the path of the Daoist Yogi.