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''A right is not what someone gives you; it's what no one can take from you.''

- Ramsey Clark -

About Wandering Dao


Training System

We call it “the Eight Forces Training System”. It is anchored deeply in the traditional teaching and structured in a contemporary manner to make the information assimilable to western people. It leads the trainee to develop the 8 Complementary Qualities & Skills that the Universe provides to feed and balance perfectly life on Earth.read-more



Meet our faculty and our team who are working to make our workshops, retreats and outreach programs available to the world.read-more



The Wandering Dao Qi Gong School has been created to spread the knowledge of self-healing. It offers a curriculum made of a fine selection of teachings and training that aims to develop the various powers and skills required by the human body, mind and spirit to achieve perfect health, longevity, enlightenment, and ultimately … Immortality.read-more


SHEEP-thumbSelf-Healing Essentials

This 8-week Self-Healing Program addresses the one interested in developing and mastering their self-healing knowledge and skills.

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Place : Yangshuo, China


Instructor Training

This Self-Healing Instructor Program addresses the one interested in transmitting self-healing knowledge and skills.

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Place : Yangshuo, China

Collaboration 2

Work/Study Program

The Work/Study Program (WSP) is a fabulous opportunity to integrate Qi Gong and Meditation in one’s life but also is a serious commitment into daily training and in the realization of pre-agreed projects for a whole 100 days. It addresses people interested in Self-Healing and/or in working in the field of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong.

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Place : Yangshuo, China

Life Strengthening Programs

Deep Rest 2

Deep Rest

(5 days)

A program that aims to offer your entire system a profound relaxation through a specific diet, treatments, and activities. read-more-blue-ONpurple



Liver Deep Cleanse

(7 days)

7 days dedicated to this important gland and filter that is the liver. Following a regular detox protocol the program insist on softening gallstones, widening bile ducts, and flushing the whole liver. read-more-blue-ONpurple


Digestive system & Flora 2

Digestive System Deep Cleanse & Flora Rejuvenation Program

(10 days)

This program digs deeper in the digestive tract. It aims to strip the whole pathway and to rebuild the microbiome. read-more-blue-ONpurple


Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset

Full Body Cleanse

(14+ days)

The Full Body Cleanse Program is a life changing experience. Due to the length of the stay and of the fasting period, it gives sufficient time to your system to clear the entire digestive tract and to allow your metabolism to enter the autolysis process. read-more-blue-ONpurple

Organ restoration Program

Organ & Tissue Restoration Programs

(14+ days)

With these programs we target a specific organ or system that requires special cares. read-more-blue-ONpurple


Weight loss 1

Weight Loss Program

Our Weight Loss Program is designed to improve your health by addressing holistically the main causes underlying this problem. read-more-blue-ONpurple



Holistic Detox

This 2-week Holistic Detox Retreat shares the knowledge of how to integrate a safe and efficient detoxification in ones life.

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Place : Yangshuo, China

Dao of Mind Control - Healing Meditation Retreat

Healing Meditation

This 2-week healing meditation retreat is divided in 2 parts. The first shares the fundamental Daoist Methods of internal practice (Nei Gong) that address and transform the energy hiding in all the organs and tissues of the body.

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Place :  Yangshuo, China

Dao of Immunity and Strength - Qi Gong Retreat

Qi Gong

This 2-week training shares three essential forms of Qi Gong to develop a strong energy and structure, as well as to build internal Qi pressure, which is fundamental for a strong immunity.

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Place : Yangshuo, China


Daoist Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy is a crucial element in Daoism to cultivate the Jing (Essence). Unlike external forces (Cosmic, Earthly, Nature), which can be used but not accumulated, the human sexual power can be refined and gathered.

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Place : To be determined!


100 Days of Bodyworks

During 100 days a long list of various massage techniques classes will be offered. Among them “Hand & Foot Reflexology (reflex points), Shiatsu (meridians), Swedish (muscles), Qi Nei Zang (internal organs), and Karsai Nei Zang (perineum & genitals).

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Place : To be determined!


100-Day Retreat

The 100-Day Retreat aims to offer the opportunity to the participants to have a consistent teaching and support to ease the integration of the practices in one’s lifestyle and also to witness the effect of a sustained training in one’s holistic health.

Next Retreat : Will be posted shortly!Read More

Place : To be determined!


Himalayan Trek and Qi Gong

With these retreats you are invited to share a wanderer’s life with the master. These journeys can happen at any place in the world and imply trekking and a strong connection with the natural elements. Along the way, meditation and qi gong practices are taught and integrated in real life.

Dates:  Will be posted shortly!
Difficulty: 3/5
14-day trek

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Health Center


Detox Programs

Detoxing nowadays is not a luxury, it is mandatory for everyone in quest of a healthy lifestyle! Our Holistic Detox Programs & Retreat are offered in various formats to suit everyone’s availability. We can either supervise your process or share with you the knowledge of how to integrate a safe and efficient detoxification at home during a 2-week retreat.read-more

health food

Health Food

“Eating to Live, rather than Living to Eat” is our main principle here. Our kitchen is an active laboratory in which we research, explore, and discover the meeting points of healthy food and pleasure. The menu you will find here at Mood Food Energy Café is always transitory, as we constantly get inspired and excited about sharing our new discoveries.read-more



Our Center is an educational place which provides humble and comfortable rooms, an indoor meditation and training space, a tea room, a library, and a community space in which daily documentary films and feature movies are projected on a big screen.read-more


Let’s not forget that we are nature!

Wu Wei Whispers: “We like to talk about the weather with philosophy. We wisely say that the winds and storms clear the trees from the burden of the dead leaves and dry branches; that the clouds and rain are essential to sooth and refresh the land and everything...

Aiyana’s experience of S.H.E.E.P 2015

And there we go! six weeks have passed in a snap! A “Wandering Dao” retreat in a village full of charm, very well structured, organized and taught. For those who are interested: – 2 weeks + Detox with liver cleansing by expelling gallstones stored in...

Our experience of WSP 2015

For the past five months we have been working, eating, breathing & living the ‘Wandering Dao’ lifestyle here in Yangshuo. Over this time we have learnt and integrated many wonderful Qi-gong practices, Daoist meditation techniques, substantially...

My experience of WSP 2015

A word from Amy Katharine Evans about her own experience of Wandering Dao… Today marks a full week since I returned home from the 5 month work/study program at Wandering Dao. A full week since I last had a Mood Food smoothie or one of Ayi’s amazing soups. A full...

Through the blue gates

An insight into the Wandering Dao work/study program from one of our students… When my partner and I first came to Yangshuo it was to escape to paradise. To sip on coconut milk in the shade of a bamboo forest, dangle off the limestone karst and hang out with the...

An evening of heart and soil

Last Thursday evening Mood Food opened its doors to the movers and shakers of Yangshuo, in a fantastic event that involved great food, great conversation… and a whole load of dirt. We started with a buffet that featured all of the Mood Food team’s star dishes (there...